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Home Inspection

Home Inspection.

Inspecting a home is an important step in understanding the condition of any property. The best way to do this, however – aside from visiting yourself and looking at all possible areas – is through an inspection done by professionals who are trained specifically for these tasks! And with years worth of expertise in identifying issues, we ensure you are armed straight away with the information you need to make decisions.

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Radon Testing.

For those living in areas with high levels of naturally occurring radon gas, we recommend having specialized testing done while scheduling your home inspection. Our team will help you get set up for this important procedure so that it can happen seamlessly alongside other inspections on-site and at the same time- saving you days or weeks before you move into your new home!

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Radon Testing
Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection.

When selling a home, the condition of your home can make all the difference in determining its value. A pre-listing inspection from Inspectix advises you as seller or realtor on any aspects needing attention (which would decrease marketability) before placing it up for sale. It also helps to avoid the blowback and out of budget repairs that can occur when buyers later discover hidden problems like water leaks. A thorough PTI makes certain everything meets industry standards so homes run smoothly during escrow – saving both parties valuable time when closing.

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